LMX Phone
The best solution for your communications

Future-proof your business communications: have the features you expect with a traditional phone system with the benefit and extra functionality that comes with the cloud.

Making it easier to manage and change as your business grows

Save money with us

Affordable pricing

LMXPhone is hosted in the cloud, helping keep your costs low. Not only do calls cost as little as 2p per minute, but you also save on hardware costs.

Your personal call centre

Call Recording

Call recording software is built-in. LMXPhone provides efficient recording of all outgoing and incoming calls from any location, with no need for set-up, administration or management.

Centralised communication

Send and Receive SMS

Have a two-way SMS chat. Send single or bulk text messages, using pre-formatted SMS templates that empower and speed up your communication.


Introducing LMX Phone

LMXPhone is built directly into your CRM and replaces traditional landlines, adds smart features to your calls, and allows for a truly integrated business system.

Optimise the customer experience by allowing your staff to keep track of all communication and see full a history of any conversation. Timeline of inbound and outbound calls, and SMS will allow you to make data driven decisions.

These real-time metrics will not only empower your procedures, but also makes sure every call counts.

Call Recording

The ability to record all business calls is normally only available to large companies with sizeable budgets. Now, with landmax.pro, small and medium sized businesses can have a fully functional call recording of both outbound and inbound calls.

Calls are not only recorded, but also saved as a Conversation. A series of personal communications are filed and organised from the contact's profile. This allows you to track, trace and review every single call received or made to each client, thereby empowering your team and enabling them to really know and understand the customer.


Call redirection

You can send your incoming calls to another telephone number anywhere, any-time, and as often as you like.

UK Local number

Choose a number from thousands of local UK city numbers.

Simultaneous calls

Become a mini call centre with many incoming and outgoing calls at the same time on the same number.

No contract

Get a number for only £3 PCM. Use as a short term number for campaigns or use permanently as your main business line.

Multiple numbers

Found more than one perfect number? Use one main number and hold on to the additional numbers for future use.

No installation or setup fee

Start with the click of the mouse and have your new number working in minutes.

Reusable text messages

No more typing. Use the power of your data within each message. Insert fields, personalising the content with your customer's information.

Full History

See entire SMS, email and phone conversations organised by contact.

Central inbox

Access for all staff to handle communication in a centralized way, even if across multiple locations.