Over the last month, you may have noticed new menu options for communication and paperwork. Behind these buttons is an extremely powerful ecosystem of templates.

Originally we had implemented so many rich capabilities within templates and documents, but they had to be written in HTML. Although very capable, it was not the quickest method of making documents.

Since then, we added a better writer, a Rich Text Editor that allows agencies to create documents, emails, and text messages quickly and focus on the content rather than the layout. We have also added many tools to make it easier to utilise your data to power your paperwork and communication.

Create your entire business library in landmax.pro, and even make each email or document work harder. Sometimes it may be difficult to have one size fits all, so you now benefit from using logic, rules and even mathematics. This allows you to use the same document for many situations, saving you from typing and vastly reducing mistakes.

One-Click Fields

A comprehensive but simple one-click field button allows you to structure your letter with data from a particular source. Use tenancy data to drive your tenancy agreements, or use proposal data to drive your emails.

Your customer data can now drive your administration.

Rich Text Editor

The way a document or email is now created in landmax.pro means that you can focus on the content. Simply insert the fields needed, add your text/images, and format your document as you would on a simple word processor.

Helpers, Logic and Maths

To make a document, email or even a text message truly dynamic, you need to empower it with rules allowing you to change a document based on the data being parsed. A good example are terms that change dynamically on a tenancy, due to it being a Let-Only, replacing agency contact information with the landlord’s.

Also, by adding mathematics, you can automate your rent review letters. Imagine that with the click of a button, a letter is generated with a calculation built in. For example, allowing you to add that 5% increase without a calculator or any typing.

Bulk Communication

Email individuals or groups of contacts. Save time by using one email for many contacts, or many emails to many contacts at the same time. And stay organised by recording the full communication of every contact in their own conversation timeline.

Smart Data Sources

Each data source allows you to create templates focused on that particular business process. Use the Viewing Datasource to create a viewing confirmation email, or Maintenance Datasource to create a job sheet. Segregating your business administration allows you to avoid wasting time on the wrong document or communication.

Find out more about more about this feature and see how you can get your paperwork and communication to work for you.