Over the last few months our web design team has produced a number of great-looking websites for our customers. Here are a few of them: Hartcolemans, Camlets, PeachLettings.

These websites are powered by landmax.pro's managed website engine - CMS, which was built specifically for estate and letting agencies. It features direct integration with landmax.pro, centralised database, fully customizable designs, blog/news engine, forms, convenient content editor, and all without any maintenance issues or hosting headaches.

You can see more websites that are powered by landmax.pro in our gallery.

As we were releasing these websites one after another, we came to find out that our own WordPress based website wasn't meeting our increasing demands and we needed to find a better solution. We tried a number of leading CMS engines, but every single one of them was missing something. Then we thought, why not use the same home made engine we are proudly offering to our clients for our own website? We spent the last month building it. Finally, we are excited to announce that our new website is live, and it runs on the very same backend that powers our clients' websites.

Here it is - the brand new www.landmax.pro with lots of new and useful information.

You will notice that unlike our competition, we are not shy to show lots of screenshots and videos of landmax.pro in action.

Furthermore, to celebrate and share this joy we are offering £100 off website orders for the next two weeks. Just choose from our range of modern designs here and let us do the rest.