TV Property Display

Advertising and branding are vital ingredients for your business.

You are focused on selling and letting properties, making sure you can reach your audience. But you also need to instil trust with potential clients to persuade them to use you over competitors.

Our latest update to TV advertiser encompasses all this. It will help you to raise awareness of your presence, as well as advertising your property stock in the best possible light.

Our expertly animated designs take your property images, descriptions and other related data and marry them up into a professional display.

Infuse this with your own adverts – videos or images - allowing you to advertise other aspects of your services.

Forget network cables, expensive equipment or dedicated PC. You only need a popular Google Chromecast and any TV \ Monitor with an HDMI port. will take care of the rest, it will run professional animated property slideshows on your monitor over WIFI.

  • Easy set-up, no dedicated PC needed
  • Add your own videos and adverts
  • Works over WIFI, no network cables needed
  • Dozens of modern designs to choose from
  • Plug & Play on any TV / monitor with HDMI
  • Cast to unlimited TV displays, across multiple locations
  • QR Code to website with more information on property
  • All this and even more for only £10 pcm

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