Start up cost comparison

We did an analysis of how cost effective is for our clients. Comparing the old structure of business, that’s required to run our competitors applications, to the new light structure, if using

The following pricing is based on an agency within its first year requiring 3 Computers. Requiring one telephone number that can handle multiple calls simultaneously.

*Estimated amounts based on local contractors.
**Prices inc VAT and correct as of publishing.

The Server based way Cost The Cloud based way Cost
Dell server £384 No server £0
Desktop PCs x3 £1200 3 Browser Capable Devices – HP Chromebook desktop £448
Windows server software £304 Chrome OS Built in Chromebook
Monitors x3 £219 Monitors x3 £219
Microsoft Office licence £260 Google applications £0
Windows 10 Pro x3 £570 No Windows needed £0
Networking labour* £250 No need for networking, just internet £0
McAfee server standard security x3 £45 Security built in £0
Back up device £55 ISO Standard backup procedure £0
Upgrades* £400 Automatic behind the scenes upgrades £0
Your Competitors start up cost £3687 Your Cost £667
Traditional telephone system Cost LMXPhone Cost
ISDN Line Rental for 2 lines £48 pcm Unlimited simultaneous calls Inc in LMXPhone
Telephone number line rental £13 pcm LMXPhone local number £3 pcm
Telephone System for 3 lines £246 Simple usb headsets/phones x3 £45
Call Recording Storage £718 Call Recording integrated with CRM Inc in LMXPhone
First year of telephone system £1696 Your Cost £81

Estimated savings £4635 in first year

And that's before considering any of our competitors software. Saving a further £840 to £5000. See more on our prices, with our Free package covering new Lettings and Estate agencies up to 50 properties.

  • Reducing the requirements required, allows you to set up far cheaper than traditionally.
  • Reduce your hardware and software costs
  • Reduce maintenance and networking
  • Manage your security through Google Servers with ISO standard protection
  • Save money on servers, hardware, software and even telephones
  • Reduce set-up time, to seconds