Marketing Properties

Implement all your property strategies at once

The new proposals update comes packed with many features to help you manage your property adverts better, they open up multiple advertising strategies that can be used. has always been unique in allowing you to advertise a property in multiple ways, for example you can market a house share and the whole property simultaneously. Alternatively you can advertise a sales property along with a separate advert for the associated land.

But with the plethora of recent updates, you can now fine tune, manage and duplicate, any and all of the details of a property advert. Landmax pro now reflects the look and feel of data of many property portals.

The ability to market separate segments of a property at different price points and with different details, means that you can implement all strategies at once, increasing the number of your adverts, content, sales and lets without ever increasing your workload.

Better TV Advertiser – HD, Styles and many more options

As well as updating the core of your advert design process, we have also added many updates to help you realise the benefits of your adverts. You can now bespoke the look and feel of the TV Advertiser, with HD images, property references, styles and more.

Upload many more photos than your competitors

We love saving our clients time, now you can upload every possible angle of many places automatically, which means that not only do you save time, but you now spend no time at all on this formerly tedious task.

Simpler Property Advert References

A clear reference that automatically feeds through to your advertising mediums from your website, portals, TV advertiser and print documentation. Searchable and easy to find, your customer only needs to quote a short reference.

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