What is in there for you in the new version?

Firstly, managing accounts, maintenance, and advertising have become more accessible under one beautifully styled, inviting surface. The surface is really nice. However, what’s at the heart of your business?

Contact Management

Good news for you: Landmax.pro now automatically recognizes different types of contacts and then activates features specific to that person.

Contact Profiles

Saving you time day in and day out

Same is true for the newly added Suggestive Search: No more waiting to find that contact, property, or file. Start typing, and matches will appear instantaneously.

Instant Search

It gets even better

Landmax.pro now allows clients to login to their accounts. Why? Because Client Login reduces your workload and impresses your clients when they can access their specific information.

Client Login - Property Software

All these new features help you to excel in what you do. In some cases, like the Client Login, it can even help you to become a self-serviced agency. For now, start serving yourself and Sign up and try our free package