As you work through the system, important dates are added automatically into Calendar and you can still add your own manually.

  • Real-time shared dairy for all your staff
  • Quickly add viewing appointments
  • Important dates added to calendar automatically
  • On the go access via smartphone or tablet


  • Month, Week and Day view
  • Important dates are automatically created in calendar
  • Full changes history
  • Create appointments quickly
  • Timestamped comments on all appointments
  • Create unique, colour coded events Calendar

Keep on top of appointments from anywhere

  • Access calendar appointments via on a Tablet
  • Access calendar appointments on smart phones via ICal
  • Shared calendar across all staff from all locations
  • Printable version of Calendar
Lettings Software with Mobile Calendar

More than just a calendar

  • Important tenancy dates added to calendar automatically
  • Important maintenance stages added to calendar automatically
  • Integrated viewings creation automatically added to diary
  • Manage viewing appointments via lists
  • Match properties for applicants and one-click viewing is created
  • See viewings from applicant
  • Assign staff members
Lettings Software with Mobile Calendar