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Organised emails records

Every email sent is recorded against each contact, allowing your emails and other communication to be self-organised, permitting you time to focus on the customer.

  • Record all sent emails automatically
  • See conversations from phone call to emails in one glance
  • See emails/SMS/phone calls in a centralised manner

Add that extra layer to your communication

Dialer HD 1 copy

Perfect your email templates

Create customized re-usable email templates that can take advantage of the data within your account. Inject data, images, tables and even HTML

  • Inject data from hundreds of fields
  • Create inject-able content or more powerful HTML segments
  • Rich Text Editor to easily format your content
  • Template Manager - organised by process

Make your emails and documents come alive

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Send emails in bulk

Send many emails in one go to many contacts. Segment your correspondence in bulk by type, or just pick and select. Send an email to everyone concerned in a tenancy, or even better update everyone at once on a sales progression.

  • Design templated emails aimed at defined groups
  • Emails in bulk will not spam your inbox - they are self-organising
  • Record every email as part of a contacts conversation

Take advantage of the power of bulk

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