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Easy to set up straight out of the box

No installation date, no waiting for engineers, no hardware to install. Just find a number and start using anywhere you have internet

Support customers over phone right from within your account

LMXPhone is an integrated telephony service that is set inside your account. With our new phone feature, you and your staff can make and pick up calls from their desktops, without having to set-up any hardware.

  • Choose a number from thousands of local UK Numbers
  • Simultaneous calls – incoming & outgoing
  • No contract
  • Hold onto multiple numbers
  • Port over your existing number*

Inbound, outbound calls and SMSs available instantly

Dialer HD 1 copy

Most competitive prices and no contract

The new LMXPhone has been introduced not only to enhance the way you make calls, but save you money

  • Call local phone numbers for only 2p per minute
  • Call mobile numbers for only 6p per minute
  • Inbound calls only 1p per minute including call recording
  • No Line Rental, only number subscription for £3 PCM
  • No Installation or setup fee
  • No Contract

Save money with an integrated phone

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Manage your office SMS’s

With a conversations feature, your outbound and incoming messages are stored against the contact automatically.

  • Send from only 5p per message
  • Inbound & Outbound messages
  • Free text editor with SMS count
  • Use pre-formatted template messages
  • Advertise your office number for SMS Campaigns
  • Store all messages in contacts conversation automatically
  • One click SMS

Text Messages built in

SMS Messages