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Tenancies & leases

  • Define unique market types, contract periods from 1 day to 999 Years
  • All leases covered. HMO, social, commercial, room-share and joint tenancies
  • Keep track of each tenancy in one view, with tenancy viewer
  • Deal with groups of similar tenancies. Group tenancies based on your specifications
  • Plan accordingly with tenancies timeline
  • Let the computer work it out. Schedule payments & charges based on predefined rules
Image of Timeline


  • Tenancy Timeline. See a visual calendar of start and end of tenancies.
  • Powerful Tenancy Search
  • Sole & joint tenancies, hostels, HMO’s and room shares
  • Any period – daily, weekly, four-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and others
  • Time stamped comments
  • Full changes history
Tenancy Scheduler

Tenancy Scheduler

  • Set out charges and rent for the entire period
  • Utilise fees advertised to calculate automatically for tenancy
  • Calculate any length of lease – 1 day to 99 year leases or more
  • Calculate different payment periods
  • Build your own automated schedule – including guaranteed rent
  • Important dates added to calendar automatically
  • See what happens when rents paid
Dynamic Tenancy Agreement

Powerful Documents

  • Dynamic Tenancy Agreement - Avoid human error and programme your rules into the tenancy.
  • One-click legal documents
  • Build in HTML, email or simple rich text editor
  • Insert fields and powerful fieldsets
Dynamic Tenancy Agreement