Dashboard & Notifications

  • Keep track of important issues in your business
  • Dashboard and desktop background unique to users.
  • See overdue payments in one glance
  • Keep track of due safety certificates
  • Track overdue keys
  • See latest messages and requested viewings
See all business stats


Seeing things as they actually are will allow you to keep on top of your business. Allowing staff to see and manage their priorities will make sure they get done.

  • See real-time data of your agency workings
  • Shared dashboard statuses
  • Notifications in real-time from other users
One Click Lists and Reports

One click

Quick access to important statuses

  • See overdue and due payments
  • Manage and see late keys
  • Keep on top of tenancy alerts
  • See latest messages
  • See viewings requested from website
  • Track maintenance issues
One Click Lists and Reports